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The School of Uncovering the Voice

Singing is a primal human urge, with the potential for the expression of the core of our being.

Song has accompanied life through the eras of human culture. It holds its ever important place in cultural activities, rituals, and religious ceremonies, as well as through the work and play of everyday life. As a testimonial to this, we find folksongs fitted to the passing of the seasons, festivals, holidays, professions, and almost every other area of life, all across the world.

Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find, and develop our most precious and personal instrument, the voice.   The School of Uncovering the Voice comes as a timely path to discovery and expression of the individual identity in each voice. From a range of highly differentiated exercises, the healing and regenerative powers of the voice are set free.

Through this process, singing comes to hold more than ever the potential for expression of the innermost core of personality. It is a path to encounter oneself, and tune to inner harmony.


Christiaan Boele



“The human voice needs no ‘training’ – it is already there, perfect and complete as an entity sounding in an ideal world.  It waits only for liberation!”

Valborg Werbeck- Svärdström  ( 1879 - 1972 )



I no longer linger in the shadows of silencing fear and doubt -
The sun beckons me now, waiting - endlessly, effortlessly
Sounds fly from my throat and heart like doves and swallows
With clear tones sweetly ringing- deftly, solidly, free
Led by the infinite air streaming - everywhere, always
Needing only to slow my furious pace
and quiet my restless mind,
I open to the sounds of grace Divine
And am enveloped by a harmony of song
more beautiful than even dreams' vast skies.

-Pamela B.