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Christiaan Boele


boehleChristiaan Boele has worked for almost 40 years within the tradition of
the School of Uncovering the Voice with ever increasing enthusiasm,
filing it continuously with new life.

Boele is currently one of the primary representatives of the School
of Uncovering the Voice
. Like Thomas Adam, and Holger Lampson
(amongst others) he was one of Jürgen Schriefer’s main pupils.
Schriefer learned the schooling directly from its founder,
Valborg Werbeck- Svärdstrom and carried it on in her name.

Boele offers courses and private lessons throughout Europe, the USA and Canada. Students range from people without any previous singing experience, to professional singers and music teachers. His refined, intuitive teaching methods lead students and course participants to new discoveries about their voices, and about themselves.


Christiaan Boele at Work:



1956 – Born in the Netherlands

1962-1974- Waldorf School, Den Haag

1972- 1974 - Trumpet studies, Music Conservatory, Den Haag

1974 – 1977 - Trumpet/Eurythmy/Singing studies, Alanus-Hochschule, Bonn

1977 – 1982 -Travel studies/apprenticship with Jürgen Schriefer

1982 – 1985 - Singing studies at Folkwang Hochschule, Essen

Soloist in Oratorios, Masses and Lieder Concerts

Mid 80s - Tamino in Mozart’s The Magic Flute

Since 1978 - Singing teacher and pedogog offering courses and private lessons in various European countries, USA and Canada

1990 – Founding of singing school, Laulukoulu, in Finland