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Private Lessons

Private Lessons for Beginners:
The process of uncovering the voice is guided by intensive listening. Teachers develop the art of listening to such an extent that they can hear the voice not only as it is, but as it could be, in development towards its ultimate form. Each student is carefully guided through an array of widely differentiated exercises through which her or she is taken away from a self-critical state of being, and learns to forget him/herself completely in singing. Christiaan Boele is a master in the art of listening and guiding.

Private Lessons for Advanced Students:
Here the level rises. Exercises become more challenging! Specific singer-related problems and questions will be addressed and practiced in a detailed manner. Specially chosen art songs (usually from the Classical repertoire) may be added to the study program.

Prices & Booking with Christiaan

Christiaan 132x177




70 - 100 $ per 45 Min (sliding scale)

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In respecting Christiaan's limited availability in the US, we ask that you please choose lesson times carefully. Full reimbursement per lesson will be expected if there is a cancellation, regardless of the cause of cancellation.


Calendar 2014 

February 2-4:        Private Lessons in Auburn

February 5-7:        Private Lessons in Fairfax

February 10-13:    Private Lessons in Novato

February 17-19:    Private Lessons in Fair Oak

June 3-5:              Private Lessons in Auburn

June 9-11:            Private Lessons in Sebastopol

June 18-19:          Private Lessons in Fair Oaks

June 23-27:          Private Lessons in El Sobrante

June 30-July 4:     Private Lessons in El Sobrante