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Interview with Christiaan Boele,
11th of May 2011

Your school is called The School of Uncovering the Voice. What does it mean to “uncover the voice” and how do you do that?
This approach to singing was initiated by Mrs. Valborg Werbeck Svardstrom, a Swedish singer who developed this in cooperation with Rudolf Steiner.  It is based on the belief that every human being has their own unique singing voice.  Through uncovering or unveiling our voices, we can learn to connect more fully to that which wants to speak through our voices:  to our deeper, inner ideals and impulses which we are looking for in our lives.
How can someone begin to “uncover” her voice?
Our schooling is not just for people who already have a good, experienced singing voice.  This is for anyone, for talented singers as well as for someone who has never had the courage to sing; who probably heard as many did in their school time that they didn’t have a voice- that they couldn’t sing.  This is basically untrue.  Often in our singing courses, we may have a trained singer, sitting or standing next to someone who has never had any voice experience; both doing the same exercises and enjoying to do this together.  What we find is that some of the exercises can be done better by the person who is so new to all singing work that they can do it more directly and in a correct way.  The untrained singer has not developed any previous singing habits that need to be overcome.
If someone has never really sung in public and doesn’t really feel confident singing, can she learn to sing?
Yes, but it is an individual matter as to how long this may take.  The time that anyone needs for development of their voice cannot be measured in a certain amount of lessons or a certain amount of months or years.  It is not a question of physical development; it is a question of how one inwardly grows with their voice.
What’s the most important thing that a person can do to protect, strengthen and improve her singing voice?
The most important thing could be to take up one’s own practice of about five to ten minutes a day of singing exercises; always in the morning, and not to look for special results but to the maintenance of the voice and growing a relationship with it. To care for that part is of a growing importance for the future.